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Kissing Videos

Although there are already some good kissing videos on this site covering subjects like how to kiss, how to make out, how to French kiss and how to be a good kisser many people prefer watching video tutorials on kissing instead of just reading about it so I have decided that adding some extra kissing videos won’t do any harm.

Here are some great kissing videos I have found on YouTube together with my comments on them. Enjoy!

How To Kiss Video

The following video is really good and funny at the same time. During the video she mentions several kissing do’s and don’ts and I have added some of her kissing tips next to the video for easy reference.

#1. Preparation. Brush your teeth and tongue before kissing.

#2. Getting The Green Light. Pick the right moment.

#3. The Approach. Pick an angle and go with it.

#4. Making Contact. Be gentle and responsive. Don’t kiss too hard or too soft.

#5. Your Tongue. Don’t use it too much. You are not cleaning your partner’s face or the inside of his or her mouth!

#6. Your Hands. Don’t grope! Use your hands to touch your partner’s face, hair or to pull him or her closer to you.

#7. Your Eyes. Don’t keep them open the whole time or close them too soon.

#8. Breathing. Breathe through your nose while kissing.

#9. Moisture. Don’t slobber!

#10. Keep it up. She mentions here that after 10 minutes you can throw all the rules away… Don’t take that literally! Just stay relaxed and if you want to kiss some more just go for it.

First Kiss Tips

The next video shares some good first kiss tips.

What I really like from the video is that she not only gives good kissing advice but that she also shares some of her personal experiences (some quite funny!) on kissing for the first time.

It’s a very light and fun video to watch with lots of helpful kissing tips for both guys and girls.

Making Out Tips

This video is very short and although the advice given here has already been mentioned in the how to make out section of this site she explains it very well and it’s worth repeating.

Here are the main make out tips from the video:

1. Make sure you have fresh breath.

2. Make sure you’re in a comfortable position.

3. Tilt your head before kissing to avoid bumping noses.

4. Be soft and gentle with your tongue.

5. Kissing should be soft and passionate.

More kissing videos will be added on a regular basis so stay tuned. And, if you know of any good kissing videos that you think should be added to this page please use our contact form and let us know about it. 

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