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Kissing Games

Kissing games are very popular all over the world, especially among young teenagers. In the USA there are even make-out parties that often involve playing some kissing games that will lead to a couple making out.

Not all people enjoy kissing games! If you have a major crush on a girl or a guy chances are you don’t want to play a kissing game where your best friend may end up kissing her or him!

However, kissing games can be enjoyable especially if you don’t have strong feelings towards any person in particular and won’t mind kissing a couple of people just for fun.

Let’s have a look at some common party kissing games as well as some kissing games you can play online.

Party Kissing Games

Here are some of the most common kissing games at parties:

Spin The Bottle

A very popular party game is Spin The Bottle. Form a circle with some other players and place an empty bottle in the middle of the circle. Take turns to spin the bottle. The person spinning the bottle should kiss the person the bottle is pointing to when it comes to a stop.

Seven Minutes In Heaven

This game involves selecting a couple at random to spend seven minutes in a closet or “make-out room.” The couple can be chosen in many different ways including by spinning a bottle, as discussed above.

Normally clear rules are set in advance on what may or may not happen during Seven Minutes In Heaven but the game is usually restricted to kissing only.

For tips and advice on how to play, see Play Seven Minutes In Heaven.

Postman’s Knock

There are several variations of Postman’s Knock. One way of playing this game is to divide the participants into two separate groups, one for boys and another one for girls. One group will then go into a room and one member at a time of the other group will knock on the door of the room, enter and get a kiss from each of the member’s of that group.

Another way to play the game is to send one person outside to be the “postman” and then to select another person to answer the door when the “postman” knocks. The person opening the door has to kiss the “postman.”

Truth Or Dare?

Although not necessarily a kissing game Truth Or Dare is often played at kissing parties. Usually a couple is selected at random and one party is chosen to ask the question “truth or dare?” If the answer is “truth” the person answering the question is normally asked to answer an embarrassing question. If the answer is “dare” the person answering the question is normally asked to do something embarrassing.

The person that answered the question then gets an opportunity to ask “truth or dare?” to another person in the group.

Touch Kissing

Touch kissing is played by running after a boy or a girl and if you touch him or her you get him or her to kiss you. Once you have kissed you run after someone else. Normally the boys do the chasing while the girls try to run away from them.

Mouth To Mouth

One person starts the game by putting an object into his or her mouth like a piece of gum or a mint and will then choose someone to kiss. During the kiss he or she will transfer the object into the mouth of the other person and that person will then continue to pass the object to another person that he or she wants to kiss. You can’t kiss the same person twice in a row.

There are hundreds of party kissing games and in most cases you are only limited by your imagination to the number of games and variations of games you can play at a party.

Online Kissing Games

Online kissing games are very popular, especially among girls. In fact, there are many more kissing games for girls online than for boys. Perhaps some girls just feel safer playing kissing games online than with real boys.

Here are some popular online kissing websites: (See disclaimer below!)

* Kissing Games
* Online Kissing Games For Girls
* Kissing Games For Girls
* Funny Kissing Games

Disclaimer: As far as we know playing kissing games on the above sites are safe. However, we can’t make any guarantees that the above sites are safe and stronly advise you not to download any games from these sites to your computer.

If you want to comment on any of the kissing games or online kissing websites mentioned on this page, or if you are aware of other good kissing games, please leave a comment below.

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