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How To Kiss A Girl For The First Time

First of all, learning how to kiss a girl for the first time is not difficult!

It’s normal that you may feel nervous about the prospect of having your first kiss if you are unsure of how to kiss a girl and don’t have any kissing experience…

However, as mentioned above, learning how to kiss is not difficult. In fact, it’s fun! And, you have nothing to worry about if you follow some easy kissing tips and advice.

Girls, they’re impossible. Always travelling in packs, getting one alone is no small feat and something even the most accomplished guy still catches himself being proud of. Yet now that you’ve done it, achieved the impossible, what next? Yes, getting closer to her and kissing her!

Most girls generally expect the guy to make the first move. This may not be fair but you can use it to your advantage. If you make the first move, you hold all the cards!

How To Kiss A Girl For The First Time Step By Step

Step 1. Make sure she is at ease with you.

The first thing you have to do is relax her. Give a shy girl a compliment above the neckline so that she feels flattered. You can give a bolder, flirty girl a compliment below the neckline if you really want to but I would not advise it. Although you may be sincere she may feel that you think she is easy and even if she is into you she most probably won’t appreciate you thinking that of her. Just tell her she is beautiful if you are not sure what to say. Flattery will get you everywhere.

Remember that kissing a guy is often a bigger deal for a girl that kissing a girl is to a guy.

Note: Most girls prefer being called beautiful or gorgeous instead of hot or sexy. The words hot and sexy often have a sexual connotation to them. If you are trying to get to kiss a girl for the first time you don’t want her to think you have ulterior motives and only want to get her into bed.

Step 2. Get close to her and touch her.

Before you kiss her, you need to close the space between the two of you. The traditional move of putting your arm around her is not advisable as it’s often clumsy or awkward. Instead, touch her face, either by brushing her hair out her eyes or just trailing your finger down her cheek.

Image of a young couple kissing for the first time.Step 3. Lean forward and kiss her.

If she is comfortable with you touching her lean forward and kiss her while keeping your hand on her face. Start by kissing her bottom lip by placing your lips over her lip. You can also kiss her upper lip, it does not really matter.

The trick with girls is to kiss them really, really gently so part your lips slightly and kiss her lips for a while before doing anything else. There is no rush.

Step 4. Kiss her more passionately.

Push the tip of your tongue gently against her lips so that she opens her mouth. Don’t stick your tongue down her throat! Just take it slow, first letting your tongue touch only the inside of her lips, then her tongue, and only then slowly letting your tongue go a little deeper as you deepen the kiss.

Stop for a moment, pull back a little and look into her eyes. If she is your girlfriend, tell her you love her, if not, tell her she really is beautiful, or if the moment seems complete enough, say nothing and kiss her again. This pause serves well to heighten the feeling. You could also put your arms around her and draw her closer before kissing her again, if she isn’t already in your arms.

You will find that once you start French kissing it comes almost naturally.

Step 5. Know when to stop.

Chances are if you’re kissing her and it’s going well that you won’t want to stop kissing. However, at some point you will have to stop and it’s better if you’re the one to put an end to it. You started it so you should end the kiss. This way you stay in control. Girls love a guy that is confident and if you are the one to end the kiss she will probably be more eager to kiss you the next time than if she has to stop it. You have to show her that you know when to stop. It will make her feel more comfortable in your presence.

Just gently pull away from her but don’t just leave her. Hold her hand or hold her in your arms for a while. Don’t thank her for kissing you! In fact, if you’re not sure what to say just keep quiet and enjoy your time with her while it lasts.

How To Kiss A Girl For The First Time Tips

Here are a couple of important tips to remember:

  1. Don’t wait too long before kissing her when you’re both in the mood as it becomes awkward for both of you the longer you wait.
  2. Make sure you kiss her in private. Kissing her for the first time should be special. You don’t want your friends or other people to stare at you as it will make you both uncomfortable.
  3. The trait girls find the most attractive in a guy is confidence, yet not being forceful.
  4. Make her feel beautiful. A girl needs always to feel completely at ease with you before she’ll kiss you.
  5. Don’t worry too much about your looks. Girls really don’t care if your hair is a little messy or if you have a zit on your face.
  6. Take it easy and take it slow. This is a guaranteed winner.
  7. Make sure your breath smells fresh, your hands and fingernails are clean, your lips are not dry or chapped and don’t drool!
  8. Don’t grope her, especially not the first time you’re kissing her or it will also be the last time you kiss her! Girls hate wandering hands!
  9. Respect her and treat her like a lady. Don’t try to seduce her the first time you kiss her.
  10. Your first kiss does not have to be perfect or passionate. Don’t try too hard!

Remember that everyone kisses differently. It may take you a while to find your ideal kissing style. And, if you kiss the same girl on a couple of different occasions you will find a way that works well for you both. Still, as with anything, the more you do it, the better you’ll get at kissing.

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