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How To French Kiss

For many people French kissing is the only way to kiss if you want to kiss someone passionately. The good news is that learning how to French kiss is not difficult. If you have never done it before it may be slightly weird using your tongue to caress the tongue of your partner but you will quickly get used to it and will love it!

Image of the French flag and the Eiffel TowerSo how is French kissing different from normal kissing you may wonder… Well, there are mainly three big differences, namely:

Firstly, French kissing only works well when both partners are active participants. If you try to French kiss a girl or a guy and he or she does not kiss you back in the same way it will be awkward and not a good kiss at all.

With a normal kiss you can lean forward, kiss your partner on the mouth and pull back. He or she does not have to kiss you back in order for the kiss to work. So, a normal kiss can be a bit one-sided but French kissing requires the active participation of both partners.

Secondly, when you French kiss someone you use your tongue, a lot! With a normal kiss you can kiss someone without using your tongue.

Thirdly, French kissing is a lot more passionate than a normal kiss. Some people say that French kissing is more romantic as well but this is not really true. Kissing someone you care about gently on the lips or mouth can be very romantic even if you don’t use your tongue.

Most couples, especially if they are kissing for the first time, begin kissing with a normal kiss and only start to French kiss as the kissing intensifies or becomes more passionate.

If you don’t have any or only very little kissing experience or feel you are not getting it right visit our home page and have a look at some kissing tips for advice on how to set the mood for kissing, reading your partner’s body language, initiating the kiss as well as kissing do’s and don’ts as these topics are important.

You can also have a look at the first kiss page if you don’t have any real kissing experience. If you’re a guy you will benefit by reading the how to kiss a girl page. And, if you’re a girl have a look at the how to kiss a guy page for some proven tips and advice on how to kiss a boy.

As mentioned above, French kissing requires the active participation of both parties. In a way it’s very harmonious and well balanced as both parties are equally involved. Try this:

Put both your hands in front of you with the palms and fingers touching. Slowly push with the one hand while the other hand is gently resisting and then reverse the order so that the hand that was pushing is now resisting and that hand that was resisting is now pushing. It’s a very fluid and smooth motion. After a couple of seconds you won’t need to think anymore about which hand is doing what as it becomes more natural and requires no effort. The same principle applies to French kissing!

How To French Kiss Video

Here is a pretty good video on how to French kiss. It was made with guys in mind but it applies to both girls and guys, equally.

Notice how the couple is completely relaxed and at ease and how they are both active participants.

The kissing is soft, smooth and looks natural without either partner having to make an effort or try very hard.

It’s a good example of how to French kiss.

For some more kissing videos see kissing videos.

How To French Kiss Tips

1. Make sure your partner is in the mood for French kissing.

French kissing is a lot more intimate and passionate than normal kissing. The fact that your partner may be ready and willing to kiss you does not mean he is she is ready to French kiss you, especially not if it’s your first kiss or if your partner is inexperienced or feeling nervous!

2. Don’t forget the basic rules of kissing.

If you are intently focused on French kissing someone it’s easy to forget some of the basic rules of kissing, especially if you’re a bit nervous or not experienced at French kissing.

The home page of how to kiss offers a many more tips and advice but here are a couple of basic things you need to remember…

Make sure you’re in a relatively private place away from curious onlookers. Make sure your breath smells fresh and that your lips are not dry or chapped. Remember to break the “touch barrier” before kissing, to tilt your head slightly as you lean forward for the kiss and to close your eyes.

3. Start with a simple normal kiss and take it slowly.

Don’t just stick your tongue into your partner’s mouth the moment your lips touch! There is no rush. French kissing is slow, gentle and passionate. Start by kissing her or his lips as if you have all the time in the world.

4. Gently explore your partner’s lips with your tongue.

Don’t lick her or him! Just gently, teasingly rub the tip of your tongue between your partner’s lips. If your partner opens his or her mouth it’s normally a sign that your partner is responding favourably to your advances.

5. Deepen the kiss and remember to breathe.

As your partner opens his or her mouth start exploring the inside of your partner’s lips with your tongue and gently nudge his or her tongue with yours. Your partner will more than likely reciprocate. Keep it playful and mix it up for some variety, from kissing your partner’s lips to gently sucking on his or her tongue to moving your tongue a little bit deeper into your partner’s mouth, not too deep though.

Remember to breathe! It is difficult to French kiss and breathe through your mouth at the same time so either breathe through your nose or take little breaks in between kissing to catch your breath.

There is no rule for how long a kiss should last or how many times you should kiss someone… Use your own judgement and pay attention to the body language of your partner. He or she will let you know when it’s time to stop.

6. Touching your partner while kissing is important.

French kissing is very physical, intimate and passionate. Don’t just let your arms hang loose at your sides. Use your hands to touch your partner’s face, brush your fingers through his or her hair while kissing or hold him or her in your arms.

7. Develop your own kissing style.

There is no set of rules on how to French kiss. Use the tips and advice on this site as helpful guidelines but don’t let them limit you to how you are supposed to kiss. Develop your own kissing techniques and do not be afraid to experiment. Practice makes perfect!

You will also find that your kissing technique may vary from partner to partner as different partners will respond differently to your kissing style and you to theirs. Keep it fun and don’t try to overcomplicate it.

French Kissing Do’s And Don’ts

  • Keep your tongue soft but firm while French kissing. A hard tongue will more than likely turn your partner off as it’s a sign that you are not relaxed or at ease.
  • Swallow excessive saliva and don’t drool! It’s normal that you may produce more saliva while French kissing someone. Swallow regularly during or after kissing but don’t break the kiss just to swallow.
  • French kissing can make the area around your mouth wet. But, don’t wipe your mouth in front of your partner! It looks childish and can create the impression that you disliked the kiss.
  • Don’t bite your partner’s lips or tongue! Even a soft bite can be sore, unpleasant and an immediate turn-off.
  • Don’t swing your tongue round and round like a propeller! Use your tongue to caress your partner’s tongue. If you swing your tongue around your partner won’t know what to do.
  • Don’t flicker your tongue as if you’re trying to be a snake. Nobody likes that.

How To French Kiss A Girl

All of the above tips apply to both girls and guys. However, if you’re a guy here are a couple of additional things you should keep in mind:

  • Normally it’s up to the guy to make the first move. Don’t expect her to kiss you first. Girls like a guys that are confident. If you both feel like kissing and it’s the right time and place, don’t wait. Just do it.
  • Don’t grope her while kissing her, especially not if it’s the first kiss! Girls hate that!
  • French kissing is very passionate. However, that does not mean she wants to go any further than just kissing. Don’t try to take advantage of her or put pressure on her to do something she is not comfortable with. Treat her like a lady and with respect!
  • Girls are mostly more emotional than guys. Give her compliments! Tell her she is beautiful!
  • When you’re finished kissing don’t just leave her. Spend some time with her to round off the experience. You don’t want her to feel that now that she has kissed you it’s all over or that you did not enjoy it.

How To French Kiss A Boy

If you’re a girl here are some additional tips that may help you in understanding how to French kiss a boy, especially if it’s your first time:

  • Boys can get very physical very fast. Before you kiss him make sure you have clear boundaries on how far you are prepared to go and don’t hesitate to let him know where your boundaries are. He may appear to be disappointed but he will respect you more than if you have no boundaries.
  • Although he will normally kiss you first there is no rule that you can’t kiss him first. He will not mind at all… In fact, he will love it!
  • Boys often have a problem with wandering hands. A good way to solve this problem is to hold his hands while kissing him or to take his wandering hands and place them on your waist while holding them down. He will get the message very quickly and he won’t mind at all holding your hands or having his hands on your waist.
  • You don’t want to kiss him in public in front of gaping eyes. But being alone with him in his or your bedroom may not be such a good idea either. Try to kiss him in a place that is private but not too private. If he wants to kiss you at the wrong place or time just tell him “not here” or “not now” and let him know that you have something else in mind. He won’t mind.

Use the above tips and advice on how to French kiss well and you will have nothing to worry about and much to look forward to. And, if you want to take it up a notch have a look at how to be a good kisser and how to make out as well.

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