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First Date Kiss?

The notorious first date kiss… Should you kiss on the first date or shouldn’t you? If you’re not supposed to kiss your partner on your first date then when should you have your first kiss? And, if it’s acceptable to kiss on the first date when would be a good time to kiss your partner and how should you kiss him or her?

The above questions are being asked every single day by thousands of people and chances are if you ask 100 people you will get 100 different answers… Some people will tell you that you should never kiss on the first date and that you shouldn’t even give your partner a hug until you’re on your second date! Some feel that a quick peck on the cheek is more than sufficient as a first date kiss while others feel that if you don’t kiss on your first date that something is missing.

Many girls are hesitant to kiss a kiss a guy on their first date since they don’t want to appear too interested or easy. And, many guys are simply too shy to kiss a girl on the first date afraid that they will mess it up or be rejected. Then you find the type of girl that will expect her date to kiss her as a sign that he is into her and the type of guy that thinks if he takes a girl out on a date and buys her dinner that he should at least be “rewarded” with a kiss and maybe more.

Fact of the matter is that there are no fixed rules on whether or not you should kiss on your first date. What is important though is that your first passionate kiss should be special and memorable. This does not mean you have to kiss your partner passionately on your first date! There is nothing wrong in kissing him or her on the cheek on gently on the lips. You don’t need to lock lips or French kiss if you and your partner don’t feel like it.

Let’s look at the above questions in more detail.

Should you kiss on the first date or shouldn’t you?

The short answer to this question is “It depends.” If it’s a romantic date and you’re both attracted to each other, are comfortable in each other’s company and are both open to having a relationship then there is no reason why you can’t kiss your partner on the first date.

On the other hand, if you don’t know your date that well and haven’t made up your mind whether he or she is boyfriend or girlfriend material or just a potential friend don’t try to kiss him or her on the mouth. Rather play it safe by just giving him or her a warm hug and a kiss on the cheek as a compromise between kissing your partner and not having any physical contact with him or her.

In the end you have to do what feels right for you. Nobody can tell you what to do.

When to kiss your date for the first time?

Getting the timing of your first kiss right is important. Your date should be ready and willing to kiss you back so pay close attention to his or her body language (refer to how to kiss and kissing tips for more information on reading body language). You don’t want to catch your date by surprise so make sure you communicate your intentions clearly through your body language. Don’t ask your partner if you may kiss him or her! Kissing should be natural and you should not need to ask for permission.

Assuming you want to kiss on the first date pick the right place and time, preferable when you’re alone with your partner. Most couples that kiss on the first date do so after the date although if the moment seems right and you both feel like kissing just do it even if you’re busy watching a movie!

Wanting to kiss someone special for the first time and getting the courage together to do it can be stressful. Try your best to relax! If you’re feeling stressed your partner may pick up on it and think that you’re uncomfortable, not enjoying yourself or not at ease with him or her and you may end up achieving exactly the opposite of what you’re hoping to achieve.

If it happens, great. If it doesn’t happen don’t worry about it. The important thing is that you get to know your partner better during your first date and that you both have a good time. Don’t focus too much on kissing him or her… Just enjoy every moment you’re spending together.

How to kiss your date?

As mentioned earlier, a first date kiss does not have to be a long and passionate open mouth kiss and you don’t have to make out either. Just take it slow and easy, especially if it’s the first time you’re out on a date.

There is nothing wrong in kissing him or her gently on the cheek after your date has come to an end. And, if you feel like it kiss your partner on the mouth.

For more details on how to kiss your date for the first time see how to kiss a girl for the first time or how to kiss a boy for the first time.

If you follow the above advice you should be a lot more relaxed during your first date. If you end up kissing good for you. And, if you don’t get a kiss don’t sweat it. If the date went well your partner will more than likely want to see you again and you will have many opportunities in the future to kiss him or her. It doesn’t have to happen during your first date.

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