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How To Kiss A Boy For The First Time

Learning how to kiss a boy for the first time is not difficult. It’s normal to be nervous or to feel a bit shy. You know you want to kiss him but you’ve never done it before and you don’t want to mess it up, right? You worry about what he’ll think and whether you’ll be good enough… You wonder whether it’s his first time too and decide it probably isn’t… You are concerned about… STOP THINKING!

The first thing you need to do is to relax! It doesn’t matter how many girls he’s kissed before you. It doesn’t matter if a few strands of your hair are out of place, he probably hasn’t even noticed. Just relax, clear your mind and kiss him.

The most important piece of advice anyone can give you is not to wait too long! If you’re close enough to him, are both thinking about it and neither wants to make the first move it gets awkward! Just do it!

How To Kiss A Boy For The First Time In Three Easy Steps

An image of a girl about to kiss a boy for the first time.Step 1. Show him you want to kiss him.

Lean in to him slowly. Look into his eyes, only for a couple seconds, but long enough to make a connection and to give him the message loud and clear that you want to kiss him.

It’s important that he knows what’s coming. It prevents those embarrassing situations where you’re about to kiss him but he doesn’t realize it, happens to look the other way and you make a fool of yourself.

Step 2. Start by kissing his upper lip.

Generally, a girl will kiss the guy’s upper lip and he will kiss her bottom one, but there is no set rule about it. Do what you feel comfortable with. Kiss his lip gently, once, then again and this time slightly longer. Your lips need to be slightly parted, not hard and puckered.

If you aren’t already holding him, put your arms around him and draw him closer. Take it slowly and just kiss his lips for a while.

Step 3. Kiss him more passionately.

When you’re ready, gently push the tip of your tongue against his lips so that he opens his mouth slightly. Have your tongue just on the inside of his lips, then touching his tongue lightly, all the while sucking (but very gently) his lips.

As the mood intensifies one of you will probably deepen the kiss, pushing your tongue deeper into the other’s mouth, but it is NOT about how deep your tongue can go! Do not stick your tongue down his throat and do not let him do that to you either, nobody finds that pleasant. Relax, and go with it.

You’ll find once you get started it comes naturally, and you had nothing to worry about in the first place.

How To Kiss A Boy For The First Time Tips

Here are a few additional tips on how to kiss a boy for the first time:

  1. It is always best to keep your lips slightly moistened before kissing someone. It makes the kiss more smooth and comfortable.
  2. Do not drool (you’d be surprised) and swallow excess saliva as it’s really just gross.
  3. While kissing, do not stress about your appearance or anything for that matter as he’ll pick up on your tension and the kiss will feel a bit strained.
  4. Remember to brush your teeth before kissing him! Failing that, chew gum.
  5. There are no rules as to where to put your hands. Do what you feel comfortable with but don’t leave your arms hanging at your sides.
  6. Don’t always wait for the guy to make the first move or expect him to take control. Be a little daring and he’ll love you for it.

Keep in mind, also, that everyone kisses differently. You need to find your own style that you are comfortable with. You will probably also find, though, that you will kiss different boys differently as you find a way unique to the two of you that suits you both.

As with anything, the more you do it the better you’ll get at it. But, the key is simply to relax and to go for it.

For additional advice and information on how to kiss a boy for the first time see how to kiss a guy and don’t forget to have a look at the kissing tips we have put together for you.

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  1. Thank you for all the tips! I have been wondering how to kiss a boy for the first time that’s in my class… I am feeling a lot more confident now about kissing him!

        • I understand we shouldnt be nervous or think about it and everything but im dating someone right now and he has kissed so many girls im sure. He is 2 years older than me and going into the 10th grade and this may be alittle embarrising to me but im 13 going into the 8th grade and havnt kissed somebody yet…but he asked me to go to the movies and he is just so sweet and we were txting the other day and he was saying stuff like..i wonder if your a good kisser and i said im not sure and he said well i guess we will have to find out so im pretty sure he is going to kiss me but anyway since he has kissed so many girls he is way more experienced so he i going to be using his tounge and everything and i cant cause i dont no how an everything and i dont want to tell him ive never
          Been kissed or ever kissed somebody else well because im 13 and thats embarrising but i just dont know what to do. I was planning on canciling the date but i dont want to do that. Oh and ive never been on a date before either…have any sugestions…

          • In my experience, its less awkward if they have kissed girls before because they know what they’re doing and you can just go along with it. They’ll initiate it and be pretty clear about what they want when they kiss you. It’s better than two people that haven’t kissed because then there’s two awkward people instead of just one. At least in my experience…. It’ll be fine! Just relax 🙂

          • So im about to go on a double date with my boyfriend! But ive never been on a date or even kiss a guy and he’s like my first boyfriend! And the sad part is that im 13 and goin to eigth grade! I just dont know what to do! On the double date we hoked up are bestfriends but im so nerous that i dont know what to do! ive never done anything with a guy! and he’s 14 and goin to 9th grade and has had like 10 girlfriends before!!!!

          • Just try to keep calm and remember this: i am 14 and i havent had my first kiss either! So while you guys are worried about being 13 or so, i think you should just wait until the time is right. Dont feel/be pressured into it if your not ready. And when you think you are ready, You will still probably be a little nervous but try to clear you mind and focus on his cologne or something else and just go with the flow. 🙂

    • Heyyy I’m sooo nervous me and a guy have been like very flirty and super touchy with each other. We never made is official I’m 12 and in 7th he is 13 and in 8th he has a rep of bein a playa and today he said we were gonna kiss I’m very excited cuz weve said luv ya many times and I really di the only thing is where can we do it?!? The tips were great also but we ant go into,my room or mom will flip thinking onmthenst corner or to public for a first kiss….

      • i have the exact same problem but my bfs not a playa its good to finally meet someone with the same age and her bfs same as mine

      • well am not that nervous i think am ready for this and had already done it so with that feelings its like nothing to me well this guy wanted me to kissed him on a friday in school but i was like no bcuz to me that doesnt make any sense its not like if u and this guy will be together al the time soooooooooooo
        i waiting am only 14 and i havent even been kissed yetbut the thing is i dont want to but they r so many opportunities

        • help me please i am like so in love with this boy right and think he loves me too but im only 12 and hes in my class but he wants me to kiss him tomorrow but ive never been kissed and im so nervou and i know im goinging to look into his beautiful hazelnut eyes and chicken out help help me please i need help

    • Yeah so I’ve been out with 7 guys but have never kissed any of them, the guy I’m going out with now asked me if I have I ever kissed a guy before, I said obviously! Even though I haven’t and we’re meeting up on saturday and we’re gonna kiss, it’s gonna be my first time, shit! What am I gonna do? 🙁

    • What Did you do then because I am 12years old and he is coming and I really want to kiss but I am uncertain if he is uncomfortable what should I do I really want to get to know him and kiss him please help me

      • Im in the same situation right now! My bf is not the 1st but he is going to be the first i kiss. U shouoldnt care just kiss him he will lik it

    • Okay so I’m 13 and my bf and I are gonna kiss,I think, because he keeps saying I wonder how it feels to kiss you and he said to his friend just kiss her here we’ll demonstrate. We hug and hold hands and all and we really love eacheother but I’m a bit worried about our kiss. I’ve never kissed anyone before but he has and since I really like him it makes it worse! Any tips or advice? Also how do I kiss him without it being really awkward?


    • I’m soo excited about my first kiss. I have never kissed a guy, but I really want to and I’m 14! Hahaha a little slow,but I want to kiss this one guy but I dk if he even likes me!

  2. this was really helpfull to me me and my bf have been togeher for a while and i have been waiting for him to make the first move but after reading this i made the first move and i will never forget that kiss he also loved it we now feel so much more connected and comfertable aroud each other we have now moved on to kissing for longer and french kissing we have now been toegher for three months but were not going to fast kissing just came so natrully to me and i didn’t really have to think about it after a while thank you soo much .

  3. i actually already had mine and this was so reasuring that i did it right i think we had a great kiss! and now i know exactly how to do it again next time and make it even better. OMG i love kissing now! Oh he told me he likes the bottom of the tomgue better than the top. Does he know what he’s talking about?

  4. I have been with my bf for just over 8 months now and we haven’t gotten past hugging:( I’m hoping the next time we go out I can use these tips to finally get my kiss!!

  5. What do I (as a girl) do with my tongue? My bf and I have been together for knowingly 4 months but unknowlingly over 4 years. We have shared eachother’s first kiss together and we want to french next time. But it’ll be my first and I’m wondering what do girls normally do with their tongues? do they reciporicate the guys? the guy goes in first but do girls return the favor or just enjoy his tongue in your mouth?

  6. Thanks he loves me and I love him. I want to kiss him before he moves to Bridger. 🙁

  7. k so im 13 and iv never actualy like kissed a guy nor make out with a guy. Iv liked this guy for about 3 months and im pretty sure he likes me to? but i dont know if he actualy likes me enough to date! fml im so confused and he said we need to hang more and then hell like me…, guys are wierd somtimes… but i really like him and i want to date him and make out with him, help i dont know what to do…. im going to hang wif him more i guess :/

    • Hi Ella, I’m 13 too. It’s funny because my bf and I liked each other for a long time but didn’t say anything to each other. All it took was me to tell my friend who knew him to ask him in an off hand way when I wasn’t around if he liked me. He said yes and then she told him I liked him too and we have been together for the last month. If he says that he doesn’t like you then at least he is thinking about it and might start liking you in the way you like him. That’s all you can do. Good luck
      Caitlin 🙂

    • Hi I’m clide and I’m 15 years old but I remember when I was 13 and I wanted my first and I’m willing to share how and what I did if you want me to?

      • Plz help me I’m really hesitant him and I both haven’t kissed and I really want to I just don’t flirt well and don’t know how to make it clear to him and how to do it. Help me?

      • Yes pleez u probably know what to do and I have fancied thus guy 4 a long time but I don’t know wether e likes me or not because he acts the same around all girls 🙁 Thanx x


  9. Haha wow y’all make me fell like a whore I’ve had 9 bfs kiseed 4 of them then the one I’m with now since June 1 I already love him cant wait Til July 4 love you Jacob oh yeah and I’m 13 too!

  10. Hey, im 12 and i go out with a guy and he wanted to snog me but i refused and i want to do it tomorrow but i really dont want him to brake up with me !!! I really love him <3

  11. I’m sorry to burst all these little kids bubbles, but you can’t love a guy when you are in middle school. You have no idea what love is. You shouldn’t even be dating in middle school. You may not realize it, but you are still extremely young. Don’t grow up too fast, enjoy living a young, single life!

    • You can feel love In middle school love doesn’t have an age. If you’re in middle school and have been with the same guy for two years you love them.

    • u know what im 11 (going into 6th grade) and love a guy u have no idea of what love is than girl love does not have an age u can feel love when ur ready to comit to somethin like that and if you have a problem with that then reply

    • middle school relationships have gotten a bad rap because most of them are pretty stupid. usually people only date in middle school because the want to seem older and cooler, nd most relationships last, like, a day. but it is possible to fall in love and realy be loved in middle school. it is rare and sometimes it i easy to mistake a crush for love at that age, but it can happen. if you have fallen in love and been loved and your still in middle school then u are a very lucky person.

      • lol so true @tina i hav those “major crushes” then fantasize and stuff then i realize im freakin 13 but my bff and her bf hav been going out forever and are so cute together and i hope that they last but its funny becuz her bf asked me out b4 her then after i sed no he asked her so i wonder wut would hav happened if i had sed yes lol anyways i think most not all junior high relationships are rlly stupid and silly.

    • I agree! Im 22 and I had my middle school “relationships” as a kid. I was convinced I was in love. But as I look back I really was only a kid! In fact, I am still learning what love really really is. (not emotions-you are experiencing a crush/obsession). Enjoy your middle school experience with purity kids you wont regret waiting for your first kiss.)

    • Does anyone really know what love is, though?
      Most people go through their whole lives without finding it.
      Yes, middle school is young, but who are you to say that they cannot fall in love?
      Just look at Romeo and Juliet- Juliet was 13 and she and Romeo were madly in love. And it is one of the most well known love stories of all time!

      Just be careful, though! You only get so much time to be a kid, why rush to be an adult?

  12. Hey so I’m 17 and I’ve been dating this special guy for nearly a year now. He’s been gone for almost 4 weeks now. He is away at training to go into the army reserves. I’m so proud of him. <3 He will be away for 10 more weeks. When he gets back I will pick him up from the airport and we will have our first kiss. I've never kissed anyone before and he has, so I'm super nervous. I love him and really do want to kiss him. I don't want to screw this up. Any advice?

  13. Hey I’m 13 also and I haven’t had my first kiss yet, but now I feel enlightened:) thank you guys soooo much<3

  14. I was just reading the comments and Katie, you are a wh*re. Youre only 12 but you’ve kissed so many guys. thats a little wierd, dont you think?

  15. Thanks for the tip but I am scared I’m kissing a boy for the first time and I don’t know how to set my lips and I really love this boy I can’t afford to lose him. Although he won’t leave me if I can’t kiss but he’s a great kisser I hear. I really want my first kiss to be with him but I am thinking about kissing another guy to make sure I can do it. Just to be confident around my bf.

  16. Hi I’m Rosie. It might seen weird to you but in not a kid I’m 23 yrs and i have never kiss a guy in my life other then relatives on the cheek. so this advise really helps. My boyfriend and i have been together for 5 months. but my guy is 6’2 tall and I’m barely 5’2. he is shyer than me so if i don’t make the first move it will never happen. he tried once i think but got nerves and just kissed my head. lol hes cute!! and i tried body language it didn’t work and i tried standing on my tip toes but i just barely reach his neck. and he doesnt sit he is always up. so how do i do this?? cause i really dont want to be like “hey buddy get down here so i can kiss ya!!!!!” thanks for all your help!!!!!

    • You could always try something cute…like tell him you wanna tell him a secret and signal for him to come closer and then whisper in his ear something like, “I love you”….then kiss him either on the cheek or lips..this really breaks the ice…..and you can watch for his reaction or response.

  17. Omg that is so out of order! Some people just have better luck in dating and she hasn’t even kissed all of her boyfriends. I think people need to lighten up about the whole kissing situation and realise it isn’t that much of a big deal!

  18. So, the guy I want to kiss said he wanted to kiss me first, but he didn’t, and now I haven’t stopped wanting to kiss him but I’m too chicken, should I hike up my skirt and kiss him, or wait for him to make the first move?

    • GO for it give him the kiss that he wanted but make sure it is the right time and place and there are no people gawping at you incase he rejects you and it also needs to be romantic and have an excuse ready to escape incase it all falls through !

  19. Hi I’m going to be a freshman and I have a great boyfriend. Him and I both havent been kissed. I don’t know how to flirt or give any indication for him to kiss me. I’ve felt scaired because of my x if I don’t do it soon he will leave me like my x did. I’m not good at anything romantic and I usaly get too scaired and run. I don’t know how to give him any indication I want to kiss or to actually kiss. Even after this page Im hesitant. Help me?

  20. thanks so much for the tips. im 13 going to 8th and hasnt had a first kiss. my friends are always talking about kissing their boos and i have nothing to talk about.last week this 15 year old asked for my number and i was so nervous that i wrote it down wrong, i was so mad at myself. but lately guys tell me i beautiful and that i have a great personality. [by the way im a gemini so of course i have a great personality, lol] recently a 17 year old asked me out and we have talked and txtd alot and he said we should me up sometime. he tells me alot that he really wants to kiss me [he is corney like that :)] so your advice really helped me alot. THANKS AGAIN!!!

  21. this has helped sooooo much. i am so scared of having my first kiss and want the guy to be able to enjoy it; as much as i want him to know that i am a novice, i want him to know that i CAN kiss him. THANKS!!! 😀

  22. im about to be 13 and im goin into 8th grade, i dont hae a perfect figure and im not super pretty, and i want to get my bfs attention, i have never been kissed and i havent even been that close to a guy before, my bf is 15 goin on 16 and in 9th grade, HELP!!! plz

  23. and i forgot to mention earlier, the only guy i hav ever tried to kiss was on a dare and i didnt even like him and i am terrified of heights but we were in a tree stand and thats when i did it bc he wouldnt stop askin when i was gonna do it, i didnt know what to do and i accidentaly shoved my face into his and freaked out climbed down and ran out of the woods, he has dared me to do some other stuff and i think he likes me, i even kinda like him, but im taken and dont know what to do… :/

    • Take the plunge you know that you want to do don’t be afraid of who or what people think of the person that u like if I were you I would tell home that you like him and then c how it goes fro. There !!! X

  24. i have boyfriend but kissing i havent really just french kissed him, he always giving me hints on stuff but i just throw off the shoulder, i really want to show him how much i want to french kiss him without being choked up about all the time when we see each other…

  25. I have liked this guy for about 8 months and I told him I liked him a few months ago but he didn’t feel the same he wanted to stay friends but in the past 2 months he hs been flirting with me a lot and I think he is starting to have feelings for me he is my best guy friend and he is my best friends brother and he also lives 6 houses away so I’m at his house everyday.I like him soooo much I think about him 24/7 and if he likes me and tries to kiss me I’m not sure what I’d do because I’ve kissed and made out with guys before but I didn’t have feelings for them they were just guys I met at parties and I’m afraid to kiss him help please!!!!!

  26. I am 17 and I’ve never kissed anyone. I’ve been with my boyfriend for almost three months and we’ve liked each other for a long time before this. I’m just SO freaking nervous to kiss him. I know I want to, but I don’t know how! This article really helped, thanks so much!


  28. I have read all this and now feel alot more confident but this guy is one of my bestfriends so I thinking it might be a little difficult to let him know Iike him :/

  29. Hey guys! I’m Kat and 14. Have kissed before, but not with tongue. And I don’t have a boyfriend, but me and this guy have been flirting a lot lately and are going to sleep over the same guy’s house. I know we are going make out. This gave me a better insight of what should be done. Thank you. If anybody has tip. Do NOOOT hesitate to tell me them. [:

  30. Hiya, I have been with this boy about 1 month, I’m 13! And we have kissed but just a peck on the lips. I’m too nevous to do anything else. But he is invited me around to his and I think we are going to have a proper kiss, this website really helped,xxx

  31. So, the other night, one of my guy friends asked me to got to his junior prom with him. I’m 13 and he’s almost 15, so it’s a few years away lol. I said yes, thinking we’d only go as friends, but he’s been calling be pretty and beautiful a lot and he told me that he’s “fallen” for me, so he definately likes me. The worst thing is, I’ve never met him in person before. I know that makes him sound like some creep I met on the internet, but he’s not, trust me. Him and I have a few mutual friends, so that’s how we met. He told me that after prom, if it goes well for both of us, that he might ask me to be his girlfriend. [I’ve had a first kiss, but I was 7 and it was a dare so I don’t remember any of it that well; I, personally, don’t count it as my first kiss] I’ve never had a first real kiss, so I’m nervous that he might try to kiss me? He’s had a few girlfriends in the past, and has probably kissed them. I’ve never had a “real boyfriend” or a real kiss, so I’m nervous as to what I should do? Any tips would be SUPER heplful!! ;D

    • I’m like that too. I will never count a truth or dare kiss as real. I’m 14 and still waiting or my first kiss. the article just boosted my confidence a little 🙂

  32. Wooow. You guys are like 11 and 12, freaking out about your first kiss??? I’m a junior in high school, and I’ve never even been on a date before! But, there’s a guy I like, and (if he ever asks me out) this will help! Thanks a lot! And to all the middle schoolers: you don’t need a boyfriend that early in life. It helps you know you’re able to be independent without one!

    • I am also a junior in highschool, never been kissed and I just went on my first date with a guy this summer. You 11 and 12 year olds dont need to complain about your relationship problems because its just silly. Its not going to matter in the long run. You guys are young, so enjoy being a kid as long as you can!

      • Hah, same here you guys. I’m almost 16 and have never even been on a date, so it’s pretty ridiculous these 12+ year olds are freaking out about kissing. These girls that are so young shouldn’t be pressured so much to kiss or have a boyfriend. Throughout middle school I didn’t even really want a boyfriend. And to the girls out there that are mature enough and worried about being a good kisser, try practising with your friends (if they’re up for it). It’s a little awkward at first, but once you get used to it you’ll be a little more prepared for a serious kiss with someone you like.

        • So many thirteen-year-olds… Yeesh. I’m 18 and in college, and I’ve never been kissed either. And you know what? That’s okay.
          Girls, you don’t need a boyfriend to feel beautiful and loved. Save as much purity as you can, you won’t regret it later. When a good, respectful guy comes along who loves you for YOU, not just your body, it will be worth the wait. 🙂

    • Know that hes your boyfriend and he’s cares about you. Don’t kiss him if you’re not ready but if you feel you are but it’s only nervousness, go for it. What’s the worst that can happen?

  33. This helps so much, im 13 and the guy i like hinted that he wanted to kiss me on a txt, and ever since ive been freaked out, idk know if im ready

  34. okay…so im 13 and it was midnight and i was at my new boyfriends house and he was saying all this stuff about how my eyes were so pretty, that he could get lost in them, they have so many stories to tell. then he lifted up my chin a little bit and leaned in, i leaned in for a second then i jerked back. now, he thinks its because i expect him to hurt me if i let him in (i mean into my heart ha-ha). (hes 15 and kissed girls before) yet the real reason is that i was nervous cause i knew nothing about kissing, this kinda helped ill try to do it next time..hope i dont chicken out just so nervous. :'( :3

  35. Hi!:)) well I met this guy camping and we have been flirting and I want to kiss him but I have never kissed a guy before and I don’t just want to look stupid I am 13 he is 15 please help!:))xx

  36. Sitting here and reading all the comments about 12 and 13 year-olds who are planning on kissing their boyfriends…I see nothing wrong with this, but it’s just striking because I’m 15 (16 in 4 months) and I’ve never REALLY kissed a guy. I’ve “pecked” on the lips, sure, but…nothing like this article. My boyfriend and I went on a date yesterday and he tried to kiss me…and don’t get me wrong, I really, truly, sincerely want to kiss him! But I was so nervous and I didn’t know what to do, so I ended up just standing still like an idiot. I apologized and explained the situation afterward (thank God he thought it was cute), and I told him I needed a bit more time to gather myself. So I came here looking for guidance…but reading this, I’m still not so sure!!!

    • You’re not the only one who’s not sure… Im kinda embarrassed to say how old I am, but I’m just so nervous when it comes to boys, but I really like my boyfriend and I want that first kiss to be perfect 🙂 but this article is just making me even more nervous lol

    • Hey there’s nothing to flip out over! I’m 22 almost 23 and have never been kissed on the lips, not even a peck…… well unless you count my boyfriend kissing me when I was sick and asleep from meds 2 nights ago. Just don’t worry about it! when its time it’s time. he wont care if you’ve never been kissed! he wont even think your a bad kisser! A guy loves a girl for who they are, as long as that girl is “his” he doesn’t care if you can kiss or not because you can always learn! a guy is pure hormones when their around the girl they like, so anything you do will seem amazing to them even if you think its not 🙂 just go with it. there’s no rushing it. let it be special not forced because of pressure 🙂 hope this helps, might not lol still high off of meds.

  37. Well i’ve kissed a few times and it’s been really great but i kinda fancy this friend of mine and a few weeks ago we got drunk at a party and kissed for ages but even though we’ve seen each other since no one has mentioned it – what should i do?

    and by the way girls most of the guys i’ve been with like it when i slide my hands though their hair and across their back

    Good luck!

  38. WOW. You guys make me feel like a saint.
    Almost 19 and I avoid relationships like the plague. Never went through this stuff. :U

    Just thought I’d do some research in case some day it’s needed.

    Funny thing is I’m “the rebellious one”. /shrugs.

    Physical contact with well.. just about anyone outside my closest friends makes me shudder.
    Nehhh… The life of a stereotypical bachelor does sound very tempting….

  39. So I really like this boy name tyshon. He messages me and said that he wants to kiss me. So we have been talking and he wants to kiss this week. And I’m kind scared because I have never kissed a guy an now that I’m in this position I dint kno what to do. Any tips besides these

  40. So I’m 13 going into 9th grade and I’ve never been kissed. My best friend’s brother always tells me that we should kiss but I don’t want to ruin my friendship with his sister. I like him and all but he’s a year younger than me and my best friend’s brother. What should I do?

    • hun, just ask ur bff if she minds if she says she doesn’t mind then ur golden but, if she says its not OK just give it a week or so, then ask her again.

  41. omg hes so cute but i dont know if he likes me i want to ask him out but i dont know what to do i dont even know if he knows i exsist oh btw ur never to young to know what love is it has no age

  42. So I’m with my first boyfriend now and we’re both terribly shy. He tried to kiss me twice and I just giggled both times because I was so nervous! I love my boyfriend and I know he loves me and I definitely want my first kiss to he with him. I just don’t want to ruin anything by trying to kiss him and making things totally awkward. Urgh. I think that if I kissed him he would kiss me back but I just don’t know when to do it and how to make it romantic in a way. We don’t really see each other after school because I’m always so busy but I really want to kiss him soon. He’s wonderful. <3

      • Oh don’t worry about it! It will happen soon! I promise! My boyfriend and I finally kissed. It was the cutest thing ever. Omg. Can’t wait to do it again!

  43. ummm im still confused on how to massage their lips cause im 11 and im not sure if my bf wants to kiss me or not after lunch all he does is play basketball… and is after lunch outside a good place? and should it be at school cause my parents don’t know bout him yet im afraid they will tease me about him if i tell them about him…

    • 11is way too young to kiss, and no, out should not be at school. And if your parents don’t know about him and you aren’t even actually dating, then hanging out at school together is not considered a boyfriend. It is considered a show off.

    • At school would be too public in my opinion :/ maybe invite him over and if your parents ask, tell them he’s a friend. If they end up liking him, thinking he’s a good kid then tell them

  44. I’m 14 and in 9th grade, homecoming dance is in a week. There’s this guy I like and he likes me but were not actually going as dates…. but just with friends. Anyway were going to slow dance and I was wondering any advice?

  45. So ive been dating this guy for ab five monthes and my friend has a bf, they been dating for a month and they hav alteady kissed. But my bf an i are shy so how much longer? Im goin crazy!

  46. I’m 16 I have been kissed but not a full out make out session there are some boys who really wants to kiss me but I’m to scared or shy I wanna know can a boy tell when its your first time PLEASE HELP

  47. I’m 14 (girl) and I’ve never kissed someone before, all my friends have! They’ve all mostly got boyfriends but I’ve only got a crush! They all say that I should kiss someone already but I’m waiting for the right time! They don’t understand… >_<

  48. Me And My Boyfriend Have Been Going Out For Awhile Now But Im 13 And In The 9th Grade And I Have No Idea What To Do, He Has Tryed To Kiss Me B4 But I Got To Nervous And Backed Away!! What Do I Do!! Plzz Help!!

  49. Me and my boyfriend hav been going out for about half a year now. I wanna kiss him but FRIGGIN HELL, theres like no good time and yeah! Also im worried about bad breath.

  50. So, my boyfriend and I have been dating for about a month, and I we liked each other for a while before we started dating. But neither of us has had our first kiss, and I really want to kiss him, and he told my best friend (who is also his best friend), that he wants to kiss me. But I am honestly terrified that I am going to mess up and so something wrong. Another thing… I have braces, and I was wondering… Will having braces effect the kiss? Please help me.

  51. My boyfriend says he wants to kiss me but he also says he’s never kissed anyone but I never have too what should I do I live him a lot I know he loves me too but I just don’t know how

  52. wow so im in the 8th grade and switched skools cuz @ my old skool the vp HATES MY GUTS lol anyways at my new skool alot of guys flirt with me but my cuzin goes and hes big and all and im lyk a shrimp but he scares all of the boys away and says that hell beat their @$$es if they try to ask me out but i rlly lyk this one guy and im pretty sure he lyks me but its sorta awkward becuz our moms work together and r friends and then my cuzin is alway ther so i dont know wut to do i mean i got him to write his # on my arm but later that day i went o a pool party w/o writing it down and i want o kiss him and ugghh idk wut to do becuz between being the new girl and school and not to mention my parents constant fighting i hav no idea wut to do. i meanim already 13 and im 4’11 and 70 pounds and i have absolutely no figur but lyk ppl say im cute and i hav dimples and llong hair and always wear pigtails and i an just so awkward. but the good thing about my crush is that hes lyk 5’2 so it wouldnt be that hard to kiss him but yea u guys dont hav my problems and im sorry this is so long but i had to get this off my chest(oh wait i dont have one, lol) anyways yea plus every one says im a flirt but ive never had a real bf and u guys see all my problems lol but thanx for the advice <3

  53. omg out of all those comments only like 5 are over the age of 13!
    Anyways, I’m almost 17 and I have never been kissed before, and up until now, I have liked it that way! All you 11-13 year olds should keep in mind, your first kiss should be special, make sure it’s with someone you actually care about and don’t feel social pressure to rush into things!
    now I think I’ve finally found someone after all this time, and he actually likes me back! I couldn’t be happier although I am very nervous! But I’m glad I waited 🙂
    This was very helpful! Thank you x

  54. My first kiss was today… at lunch. We were just about to go to the cafeteria and were talkin to my friend while he is holding me. Then he leaned in for a kiss and instead of turning away like before, i leaned in a little too and kissed him! 8D And honestly, once you get it over with, youll realize it wasnt much to be nervous about!
    Although, they say u should do it in private the first time, and their right. My friend embarrassed the crap outta me!!!

  55. I have kissed 2 guys before and the guy im with now was #2. Well me and him have kissed in the hallway at school but it was just a peck on the lips nothing more. Im only 13 in the 8th grade and don’t plan on French kissing till im a junoir in highschool. But the first part of this might help a little when me and him kiss not in school. But anyway. Im not a whore im a 13 year old girl and don’t plan on doing nothing more then just little kisses

  56. I don’t know what to do! I’m 13, never had my first kiss, and I don’t know if my boyfriend wants to kiss or not! Anyways there’s this dance on Friday and I want to kiss him during a slow dance or something but I don’t know if I should! I kinda just want to do it on the cheek though… I don’t know!!!!! Help!!!!!

  57. Ok so I’ve been dating this guy and he really wants me to kiss him but I’m really scared I mean even though he has never kissed anyone before

  58. Im 13 nd havent had my first kiss . My bf is the best guy ever he has been a gentelman we have been dating for 4 years. This article is really helpful thx =] XD

  59. I didn’t kiss him, he kissed me, and it lasted for like 3 seconds haha. But it was so WEIRD because I’d never done it before.

  60. My BF and I are going on a date tomorrow. He said he was going to kiss me but I have never been kissed and I’m not sure if he has either, so it will kind of be awkward. Any tips?

  61. well my boyfriend wants to kiss but i haven’t had my first kiss yet and I’m really scared and it can’t be privet cause we only c each other at school but he has had 17 girlfriends before me and he has kissed them so I’m really scared and don’t think i will be a good kisser!

  62. So I’ve liked this guy for a really long time and I told someone that I like him and the word spread but I had never really had a conversation with him. But after the word got out he INSTANTLY started hanging out with me and he gave me his number and we called each other and texted like every day and we talk in class ALL the time. I’m 13 in 7 grade and he has been really seductive, like he’s going to kiss me, but then doesn’t. He won’t ask me out but I know he wants to. Is he embarresed to be around me, or is he just to shy?

  63. Oh yeah and all you people out there who think that 11 and 12 are too young to date, I would be trying to look cool by saying that their too young. Some people are just either more mature than others or they feel that they were lucky and found a keeper. Remember, if you make mistakes, you’ll be even more prepared for later experiences and opportunities.

  64. I’m new at this and I love this boy n my class and every one says he likes me but he’s best friends with my old crush that’s a wrestler what do I do.

  65. LOL i am a boy dont know why i looked this up i guess i was trying to see what a girl would do in a kiss Even though i am sort of an expert

  66. It’s summer and my friend has been talking to this boy for me and I think were going to be dating when school start but don’t know what to do he has kissed a lot of girls and this will be my first kiss

  67. So I’m 15 I’ve only kissed three guys in my life…. And one of the guys I still like but he told me that I was Really bad at kissing:/…. So idk what do and on top of all this he has a now girlfriend and some people say he still has feeling for me so what should I do about this?

  68. i am like totally disappointed in my generation there are 12 and 13 year olds haveing their first kiss and complaining that they havent had their first yet I’m almost 15 and I’ve never kissed a boy and i dated a guy 5 years and never kissed him so i dont understand why you guys are flipin’ your shit calm down and take it easy you dont need to be kissing anyone at the age of 12 or 13 i mean really guys like WTF

    • I’m 13 but I totally agree that everything is so rushed that half the girls in my class have been listed it’s SO weird

  69. I want to know all this because I saw a boy at the hungry horse and we started talking to each other and in an inherent I fell in love with him but I don’t know what I will say to my boyfriend Jordan can you please Wright a

    • don’t worry if he is older than you. in fact don’t worry at all! all that matters if you love him and he loves you. if you guys don’t really love each other then don’t date or even kiss! that’s my advice.

  70. I’m 18 and never been kissed by a guy. I always wanted to date but it never happened. No one could impress me because I had high standards like any other girls. Finally I’m starting to date someone and I didn’t tell him that I never dated anyone because it’s just embarrassing. I dunno how to kiss though. Any advice?

  71. So there’s this guy I like and he likes me too but we never see eachtoenr and we might soon but I’m 12 going into 8th and he’s 14 going into 9th I just don’t know how to kiss him. We both want to kiss each other we’ve talked about it before. I know I should keep my lips soft and not to push them together. How do I kiss him please help!!???

  72. I never kissed before. This guy named Wyatt likes me. Yet I don’t know what to do. I’m in 6th grade and I’m 11 he is in the same grade as me and he is 12. I CANNOT DO IT, All THE TONGUE TOUCHING STUFF IS GROSS. BLAH!?

  73. I feel the same im going to 7th and hes in 6th but im 11 and hes 12 … Aint that funny…… Anyways i only see him on accasional weekends at parties and stuff and ive had a major crush on him and i want to kiss him but im afraid hes gonna like go into french mode ya no and im so freaked out …how do i do this!!!!!!???

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