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First Date Kiss?

The notorious first date kiss… Should you kiss on the first date or shouldn’t you? If you’re not supposed to kiss your partner on your first date then when should you have your first kiss? And, if it’s acceptable to kiss on the first date when would be a good time to kiss your partner and how should you kiss him or her?

The above questions are being asked every single day by thousands of people and chances are if you ask 100 people you will get 100 different answers… Some people will tell you that you should never kiss on the first date and that you shouldn’t even give your partner a hug until you’re on your second date! Some feel that a quick peck on the cheek is more than sufficient as a first date kiss while others feel that if you don’t kiss on your first date that something is missing.

Many girls are hesitant to kiss a kiss a guy on their first date since they don’t want to appear too interested or easy. And, many guys are simply too shy to kiss a girl on the first date afraid that they will mess it up or be rejected. Then you find the type of girl that will expect her date to kiss her as a sign that he is into her and the type of guy that thinks if he takes a girl out on a date and buys her dinner that he should at least be ”rewarded” with a kiss and maybe more.

Fact of the matter is that there are no fixed rules on whether or not you should kiss on your first date. What is important though is that your first passionate kiss should be special and memorable. This does not mean you have to kiss your partner passionately on your first date! There is nothing wrong in kissing him or her on the cheek on gently on the lips. You don’t need to lock lips or French kiss if you and your partner don’t feel like it.

Let’s look at the above questions in more detail.

Should you kiss on the first date or shouldn’t you?

The short answer to this question is “It depends.” If it’s a romantic date and you’re both attracted to each other, are comfortable in each other’s company and are both open to having a relationship then there is no reason why you can’t kiss your partner on the first date.

On the other hand, if you don’t know your date that well and haven’t made up your mind whether he or she is boyfriend or girlfriend material or just a potential friend don’t try to kiss him or her on the mouth. Rather play it safe by just giving him or her a warm hug and a kiss on the cheek as a compromise between kissing your partner and not having any physical contact with him or her.

In the end you have to do what feels right for you. Nobody can tell you what to do.

When to kiss your date for the first time?

Getting the timing of your first kiss right is important. Your date should be ready and willing to kiss you back so pay close attention to his or her body language (refer to how to kiss and kissing tips for more information on reading body language). You don’t want to catch your date by surprise so make sure you communicate your intentions clearly through your body language. Don’t ask your partner if you may kiss him or her! Kissing should be natural and you should not need to ask for permission.

Assuming you want to kiss on the first date pick the right place and time, preferable when you’re alone with your partner. Most couples that kiss on the first date do so after the date although if the moment seems right and you both feel like kissing just do it even if you’re busy watching a movie!

Wanting to kiss someone special for the first time and getting the courage together to do it can be stressful. Try your best to relax! If you’re feeling stressed your partner may pick up on it and think that you’re uncomfortable, not enjoying yourself or not at ease with him or her and you may end up achieving exactly the opposite of what you’re hoping to achieve.

If it happens, great. If it doesn’t happen don’t worry about it. The important thing is that you get to know your partner better during your first date and that you both have a good time. Don’t focus too much on kissing him or her… Just enjoy every moment you’re spending together.

How to kiss your date?

As mentioned earlier, a first date kiss does not have to be a long and passionate open mouth kiss and you don’t have to make out either. Just take it slow and easy, especially if it’s the first time you’re out on a date.

There is nothing wrong in kissing him or her gently on the cheek after your date has come to an end. And, if you feel like it kiss your partner on the mouth.

For more details on how to kiss your date for the first time see how to kiss a girl for the first time or how to kiss a boy for the first time.

If you follow the above advice you should be a lot more relaxed during your first date. If you end up kissing good for you. And, if you don’t get a kiss don’t sweat it. If the date went well your partner will more than likely want to see you again and you will have many opportunities in the future to kiss him or her. It doesn’t have to happen during your first date.

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Bad Kisser?

Every day countless people think or tell their friends things like “My boyfriend is a bad kisser” or ”My girlfriend is a bad kisser” or “How to deal with a bad kisser?” and even “I feel like I’m a bad kisser.”

Kissing is an important part of a relationship for most people and not being able to kiss well can be a deal breaker! You don’t have to carry the reputation of being a good kisser but nobody likes to date a bad kisser. A bad kisser will often be a bad lover as well and people realize this even if it’s only on a subconscious level.

Is Your Boyfriend Or Girlfriend Really A Bad Kisser?

First of all, if you’ve been in a relationship for some time it’s normal that you get used to your partner’s kissing style. And, kissing a new partner may feel awkward at first. However, that does not necessarily make him or her a bad kisser. You have to realize that different people kiss differently and it may take some time getting used to kissing a new boyfriend or girlfriend. Keep an open mind and give your partner a chance… You may just get to enjoy kissing him or her more than your ex!

Secondly, how do you really feel about your partner? If you don’t have passionate feelings towards him or her it can be easy to find fault with the way he or she kisses you. Perhaps you are even comparing him or her to an old boyfriend or girlfriend that used to be a great kisser (in your opinion) and that you still have feelings for.

Thirdly, perhaps your partner just doesn’t have a lot of kissing experience, if any, and is feeling nervous about kissing you. Take it easy on him or her and give your partner a chance to get used to kissing you. There is no substitute for experience and if you give your partner a chance and guide him or her you may be pleasantly surprised to find out just how much better he or she will become at kissing you in a short period of time.

Lastly, consider the possibility that you may just be moving too fast for your partner. He or she may just not be ready to give you a passionate tongue kiss right there and then. It does not mean he or she is not able or willing to kiss you well.

Before labelling someone a bad kisser take a moment to think about how you really feel about that person and if you’re not just comparing him or her with someone that you still care about.

Do you think you’re a bad kisser? Why?

On the other hand, maybe you’re under the impression that you’re a bad kisser… Many people suffer from low self esteem and in the absence of positive feedback from their partner wonder whether they are any good at kissing or should be doing things differently.

There are normally clear signs that indicate whether you may be a bad kisser, namely:

1. You seldom kiss the same person twice.

Many, if not most, people decide right after their first kiss whether they will kiss the same person again in the future. If you find it hard or nearly impossible to get someone that is willing to kiss you on more than one occasion it may very well be a sign that you’re a bad kisser.

2. Your partner seldom or never initiates the kissing.

If your partner seldom or never initiates the kissing it’s normally a sign that he or she does not enjoy kissing you and that you may be a bad kisser.

3. Your partner makes it clear that he or she does not enjoy kissing you.

If your partner often pulls away from you before or during a kiss it should be clear you are doing something that he or she does not appreciate. Alternatively, your partner may also be open and frank enough to tell you what bothers him or her about kissing you.

In most cases it’s possible to become a good kisser if you can put your ego aside, are ready to acknowledge that you are making some mistakes and are willing to work on improving your kissing technique.

Signs Of A Bad Kisser And What To Do About It

Here are some common traits of a bad kisser.

1. Bad oral hygiene.

Bad oral hygiene is probably the number one reason why people get called bad kissers.

Make sure your breath smells fresh and if your partner is the one with the bad breath then tell him or her about it! For example, some smokers have no idea just how revolting it can be for a non-smoker to kiss them… He or she will not be offended if you offer him or her a mint first before kissing. The same applies to drinking or eating smelly food such as garlic.

Always carry some mints with you, for you and your partner, if necessary.

Check your teeth in a mirror before kissing. Nobody wants to kiss someone that has something stuck in his or her teeth. And, if your partner is the one that has something stuck in his or her teeth, tell him or her about it! It’s much better to tell your partner than to pull a face when he or she tries to kiss you!

Lastly, make sure your lips are not dry or chapped. It’s no fun kissing someone that has dry or chapped lips!

2. Excessive saliva.

Kissing can produce extra saliva but nobody likes the idea of someone else pouring saliva in his or her mouth! A dry kiss is not pleasant but a soppy kiss is downright gross! Make sure to swallow regularly.

3. Bumping noses and teeth.

If you smile just before kissing your partner or move in too quickly for the kiss without closing your mouth and tilting your head you’re going to bump your teeth and / or your nose against that of your partner. Doing this is unpleasant to say to least but can also be painful!

4. Using too much tongue.

It can be fun to French kiss someone! But, don’t try to explore every part of his or her mouth with your tongue as if you’re a dentist! And, don’t just stick your tongue into your partner’s mouth or try to see how deep your tongue can go! Nobody likes to be gagged!

If your partner is not good at French kissing don’t hesitate to pull away from him or her and tell your partner what you didn’t enjoy or appreciate about the kiss.

5. Not closing eyes.

Kissing someone while that person is staring at you is awkward and will make anyone feel uncomfortable. Always close your eyes while kissing and if your partner doesn’t close his or her eyes then tell him or her that you find it a bit weird.

6. Biting.

Biting someone while kissing is not cool and most of the time it’s only painful and nothing more. Kissing should be soft and passionate, not painful!

7. Boring and predictable.

A bad kisser is often boring and predictable. Kissing someone special should never become a routine. Try to come up regularly with new and interesting ways to kiss him or her to make sure it stays special.

Always try to take advantage of a romantic opportunity to kiss your partner and kiss him or her passionately and as if he or she is the only person in the world you care about at that moment.

8. Not giving his or her partner the opportunity to breathe.

Latching onto your partner and creating an airtight seal is not the way to kiss! Take it easy, make sure to breathe and give your partner the opportunity to breathe as well. Nobody likes to be suffocated while kissing!

9. Face licking.

Having someone lick your face as if you’re ice cream is not cool! The vast majority of people do not enjoy being licked in the face!

10. Not knowing what to do.

Opening your mouth as if you’re a baby waiting for someone to feed you or not being responsive and making your partner feel like he or she is kissing his or her grandmother is a sure way to put your partner off from kissing you again.

Learning how to kiss is not difficult and the first rule is that kissing requires two willing participants. It’s not a one-way street! If you’re about as responsive as your average rock you’re not going to have a lot of success.

How To Deal With A Bad Kisser

If based on the above you acknowledge that you’re a bad kisser then at least now you may have a better idea on what you’re doing wrong and how you can fix it. In addition, try to find out what your partner likes and try to please him or her.

On the other hand, if you really care about someone but feel he or she is a bad kisser there are a couple of things you can do to help him or her, namely:

1. Set a good example.

Kiss your partner the way you want to be kissed. Show him or her by example how to kiss.

2. Talk to your partner.

Good communication is vital in any relationship. Don’t judge someone or make assumptions without talking to them. It’s normal that you may be afraid of hurting his or her feelings but if you approach it from a kind, loving perspective your partner will appreciate it. Focus on telling your partner what you want or what you enjoy and not on what he or she is doing wrong.

3. Give your partner clear signals.

If your partner does something that you don’t enjoy or appreciate pull away from him or her. Try to be consistent! If you don’t mind something today but you make a fuss about it tomorrow you’re giving out mixed signals. Don’t grin and bear it until you can no longer handle it!

If after trying all of the above you still feel that your partner is a bad kisser you have to consider the possibility that you are just not compatible. In the end it does not really matter whether he or she is a good kisser or not… What matters most is that you must enjoy kissing your partner and enjoy being kissed by your partner. If there is no chemistry between the two of you it’s not going to make either you feel fulfilled in your relationship.

For additional advice see kissing tips and how to be a good kisser.

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Kissing Games

Kissing games are very popular all over the world, especially among young teenagers. In the USA there are even make-out parties that often involve playing some kissing games that will lead to a couple making out.

Not all people enjoy kissing games! If you have a major crush on a girl or a guy chances are you don’t want to play a kissing game where your best friend may end up kissing her or him!

However, kissing games can be enjoyable especially if you don’t have strong feelings towards any person in particular and won’t mind kissing a couple of people just for fun.

Let’s have a look at some common party kissing games as well as some kissing games you can play online.

Party Kissing Games

Here are some of the most common kissing games at parties:

Spin The Bottle

A very popular party game is . Form a circle with some other players and place an empty bottle in the middle of the circle. Take turns to spin the bottle. The person spinning the bottle should kiss the person the bottle is pointing to when it comes to a stop.

Seven Minutes In Heaven

This game involves selecting a couple at random to spend seven minutes in a closet or “make-out room.” The couple can be chosen in many different ways including by spinning a bottle, as discussed above.

Normally clear rules are set in advance on what may or may not happen during but the game is usually restricted to kissing only.

For tips and advice on how to play, see .

Postman’s Knock

There are several variations of . One way of playing this game is to divide the participants into two separate groups, one for boys and another one for girls. One group will then go into a room and one member at a time of the other group will knock on the door of the room, enter and get a kiss from each of the member’s of that group.

Another way to play the game is to send one person outside to be the “postman” and then to select another person to answer the door when the “postman” knocks. The person opening the door has to kiss the “postman.”

Truth Or Dare?

Although not necessarily a kissing game is often played at kissing parties. Usually a couple is selected at random and one party is chosen to ask the question “truth or dare?” If the answer is “truth” the person answering the question is normally asked to answer an embarrassing question. If the answer is “dare” the person answering the question is normally asked to do something embarrassing.

The person that answered the question then gets an opportunity to ask “truth or dare?” to another person in the group.

Touch Kissing

Touch kissing is played by running after a boy or a girl and if you touch him or her you get him or her to kiss you. Once you have kissed you run after someone else. Normally the boys do the chasing while the girls try to run away from them.

Mouth To Mouth

One person starts the game by putting an object into his or her mouth like a piece of gum or a mint and will then choose someone to kiss. During the kiss he or she will transfer the object into the mouth of the other person and that person will then continue to pass the object to another person that he or she wants to kiss. You can’t kiss the same person twice in a row.

There are hundreds of and in most cases you are only limited by your imagination to the number of games and variations of games you can play at a party.

Online Kissing Games

Online kissing games are very popular, especially among girls. In fact, there are many more kissing games for girls online than for boys. Perhaps some girls just feel safer playing kissing games online than with real boys.

Here are some popular online kissing websites: (See disclaimer below!)

* *

Disclaimer: As far as we know playing kissing games on the above sites are safe. However, we can’t make any guarantees that the above sites are safe and stronly advise you not to download any games from these sites to your computer.

If you want to comment on any of the kissing games or online kissing websites mentioned on this page, or if you are aware of other good kissing games, please leave a comment below.

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How To Kiss A Girl For The First Time

First of all, learning how to kiss a girl for the first time is not difficult!

It’s normal that you may feel nervous about the prospect of having your first kiss if you are unsure of how to kiss a girl and don’t have any kissing experience…

However, as mentioned above, learning how to kiss is not difficult. In fact, it’s fun! And, you have nothing to worry about if you follow some easy kissing tips and advice.

Girls, they’re impossible. Always travelling in packs, getting one alone is no small feat and something even the most accomplished guy still catches himself being proud of. Yet now that you’ve done it, achieved the impossible, what next? Yes, getting closer to her and kissing her!

Most girls generally expect the guy to make the first move. This may not be fair but you can use it to your advantage. If you make the first move, you hold all the cards!

How To Kiss A Girl For The First Time Step By Step

Step 1. Make sure she is at ease with you.

The first thing you have to do is relax her. Give a shy girl a compliment above the neckline so that she feels flattered. You can give a bolder, flirty girl a compliment below the neckline if you really want to but I would not advise it. Although you may be sincere she may feel that you think she is easy and even if she is into you she most probably won’t appreciate you thinking that of her. Just tell her she is beautiful if you are not sure what to say. Flattery will get you everywhere.

Remember that kissing a guy is often a bigger deal for a girl that kissing a girl is to a guy.

Note: Most girls prefer being called beautiful or gorgeous instead of hot or sexy. The words hot and sexy often have a sexual connotation to them. If you are trying to get to kiss a girl for the first time you don’t want her to think you have ulterior motives and only want to get her into bed.

Step 2. Get close to her and touch her.

Before you kiss her, you need to close the space between the two of you. The traditional move of putting your arm around her is not advisable as it’s often clumsy or awkward. Instead, touch her face, either by brushing her hair out her eyes or just trailing your finger down her cheek.

Image of a young couple kissing for the first time.Step 3. Lean forward and kiss her.

If she is comfortable with you touching her lean forward and kiss her while keeping your hand on her face. Start by kissing her bottom lip by placing your lips over her lip. You can also kiss her upper lip, it does not really matter.

The trick with girls is to kiss them really, really gently so part your lips slightly and kiss her lips for a while before doing anything else. There is no rush.

Step 4. Kiss her more passionately.

Push the tip of your tongue gently against her lips so that she opens her mouth. Don’t stick your tongue down her throat! Just take it slow, first letting your tongue touch only the inside of her lips, then her tongue, and only then slowly letting your tongue go a little deeper as you deepen the kiss.

Stop for a moment, pull back a little and look into her eyes. If she is your girlfriend, tell her you love her, if not, tell her she really is beautiful, or if the moment seems complete enough, say nothing and kiss her again. This pause serves well to heighten the feeling. You could also put your arms around her and draw her closer before kissing her again, if she isn’t already in your arms.

You will find that once you start French kissing it comes almost naturally.

Step 5. Know when to stop.

Chances are if you’re kissing her and it’s going well that you won’t want to stop kissing. However, at some point you will have to stop and it’s better if you’re the one to put an end to it. You started it so you should end the kiss. This way you stay in control. Girls love a guy that is confident and if you are the one to end the kiss she will probably be more eager to kiss you the next time than if she has to stop it. You have to show her that you know when to stop. It will make her feel more comfortable in your presence.

Just gently pull away from her but don’t just leave her. Hold her hand or hold her in your arms for a while. Don’t thank her for kissing you! In fact, if you’re not sure what to say just keep quiet and enjoy your time with her while it lasts.

How To Kiss A Girl For The First Time Tips

Here are a couple of important tips to remember:

  1. Don’t wait too long before kissing her when you’re both in the mood as it becomes awkward for both of you the longer you wait.
  2. Make sure you kiss her in private. Kissing her for the first time should be special. You don’t want your friends or other people to stare at you as it will make you both uncomfortable.
  3. The trait girls find the most attractive in a guy is confidence, yet not being forceful.
  4. Make her feel beautiful. A girl needs always to feel completely at ease with you before she’ll kiss you.
  5. Don’t worry too much about your looks. Girls really don’t care if your hair is a little messy or if you have a zit on your face.
  6. Take it easy and take it slow. This is a guaranteed winner.
  7. Make sure your breath smells fresh, your hands and fingernails are clean, your lips are not dry or chapped and don’t drool!
  8. Don’t grope her, especially not the first time you’re kissing her or it will also be the last time you kiss her! Girls hate wandering hands!
  9. Respect her and treat her like a lady. Don’t try to seduce her the first time you kiss her.
  10. Your first kiss does not have to be perfect or passionate. Don’t try too hard!

Remember that everyone kisses differently. It may take you a while to find your ideal kissing style. And, if you kiss the same girl on a couple of different occasions you will find a way that works well for you both. Still, as with anything, the more you do it, the better you’ll get at kissing.

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How To Kiss A Boy For The First Time

Learning how to kiss a boy for the first time is not difficult. It’s normal to be nervous or to feel a bit shy. You know you want to kiss him but you’ve never done it before and you don’t want to mess it up, right? You worry about what he’ll think and whether you’ll be good enough… You wonder whether it’s his first time too and decide it probably isn’t… You are concerned about… STOP THINKING!

The first thing you need to do is to relax! It doesn’t matter how many girls he’s kissed before you. It doesn’t matter if a few strands of your hair are out of place, he probably hasn’t even noticed. Just relax, clear your mind and kiss him.

The most important piece of advice anyone can give you is not to wait too long! If you’re close enough to him, are both thinking about it and neither wants to make the first move it gets awkward! Just do it!

How To Kiss A Boy For The First Time In Three Easy Steps

An image of a girl about to kiss a boy for the first time.Step 1. Show him you want to kiss him.

Lean in to him slowly. Look into his eyes, only for a couple seconds, but long enough to make a connection and to give him the message loud and clear that you want to kiss him.

It’s important that he knows what’s coming. It prevents those embarrassing situations where you’re about to kiss him but he doesn’t realize it, happens to look the other way and you make a fool of yourself.

Step 2. Start by kissing his upper lip.

Generally, a girl will kiss the guy’s upper lip and he will kiss her bottom one, but there is no set rule about it. Do what you feel comfortable with. Kiss his lip gently, once, then again and this time slightly longer. Your lips need to be slightly parted, not hard and puckered.

If you aren’t already holding him, put your arms around him and draw him closer. Take it slowly and just kiss his lips for a while.

Step 3. Kiss him more passionately.

When you’re ready, gently push the tip of your tongue against his lips so that he opens his mouth slightly. Have your tongue just on the inside of his lips, then touching his tongue lightly, all the while sucking (but very gently) his lips.

As the mood intensifies one of you will probably deepen the kiss, pushing your tongue deeper into the other’s mouth, but it is NOT about how deep your tongue can go! Do not stick your tongue down his throat and do not let him do that to you either, nobody finds that pleasant. Relax, and go with it.

You’ll find once you get started it comes naturally, and you had nothing to worry about in the first place.

How To Kiss A Boy For The First Time Tips

Here are a few additional tips on how to kiss a boy for the first time:

  1. It is always best to keep your lips slightly moistened before kissing someone. It makes the kiss more smooth and comfortable.
  2. Do not drool (you’d be surprised) and swallow excess saliva as it’s really just gross.
  3. While kissing, do not stress about your appearance or anything for that matter as he’ll pick up on your tension and the kiss will feel a bit strained.
  4. Remember to brush your teeth before kissing him! Failing that, chew gum.
  5. There are no rules as to where to put your hands. Do what you feel comfortable with but don’t leave your arms hanging at your sides.
  6. Don’t always wait for the guy to make the first move or expect him to take control. Be a little daring and he’ll love you for it.

Keep in mind, also, that everyone kisses differently. You need to find your own style that you are comfortable with. You will probably also find, though, that you will kiss different boys differently as you find a way unique to the two of you that suits you both.

As with anything, the more you do it the better you’ll get at it. But, the key is simply to relax and to go for it.

For additional advice and information on how to kiss a boy for the first time see how to kiss a guy and don’t forget to have a look at the kissing tips we have put together for you.

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